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B+B U-Linx USB Isolator 1 port 2KV

B+B U-Linx USB Isolator 1 port 2KV BB-UH401-2KV


2 KV isolation.

Låst till 12 Mbit/s

At just 2.0 x 1.7 x 0.8 inches, these little isolators pack a powerful punch against electrical noise, surges and spikes - up to 4kV isolation. Protect expensive PCs and equipment from damaging electrical storms, power surges and other high EMI/RFI disturbances. This isolation barrier eliminates ground loops which are disruptive in measurement applications. Models UH401and UH401SL provide 4kV isolation and are UL 60601-1 Recognized, making them appropriate for use with medical equipment.

UH401-2KV and UH401SL-2KV provide 2kV isolation.

All models are USB bus powered and provide up to 100mA of current to attached downstream devices when they are attached to a full power (500 mA) USB host port.

They comply with the USB 1.1 standard and transfer data at 12Mbps or 1.5 Mbps. These data rates are preconfigured at the factory. You should select a model that is appropriate for your USB peripheral (low speed or full speed).

Four models are available to choose from. Select a low speed version, UH401SL or UH401SL-2KV if you are using a low speed device. Low speed devices are typically human interface devices such as a mouse or keyboard. Use the full speed version, UH401 or UH401-2KV for full speed USB devices.


UL 60601-1 Recognized (UH401 & UH401SL)

- 15 kV ESD protection

- -40 to 80°C operating temperature

- High retention USB connectors

- Ultra compact

- USB bus powered

- USB cable included

Applications: Industrial, Medical, Lab, Point-of-sale, In Vehicle

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