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B+B U-Linx USB över Ethernet server 4 port

B+B U-Linx USB över Ethernet server 4 port BB-UE204


High-speed & Gigabit Ethernet - great for high bandwidth applications

The UE204 USB over IP Server / Hub allows multiple PC’s to interact with USB peripheral devices over your local area network. Simply load the free software on your PC and it will locate the USB hub on the network and allow you to use peripheral devices as if they where attached locally. They are ideal for applications in which a installing a local PC would be to cumbersome or expensive, such as kiosks or security applications.

High speed USB 2.0 (480 Mbps) and Gigabit Ethernet allows you to use high bandwidth devices such as IP cameras and some isochronous devices. The easy to use software allows for simple installation and easy setup.

The UE204 is a simple solution for accessing remote USB devices.

Features & Benefits

- 10/100/1000 MBps Ethernet

- High speed USB (480 MBps)

- Easy-to-use management software

- Compact Size

- 15 kV ESD Protection

- Supported Operating Systems:

Windows 7, 32 & 64 bit

Windows 2008 Server, 32 & 64 bit

Windows Vista, 32 & 64 bit

Windows Server 2003 32 and 64 bit

Windows XP 32 and 64 bit

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BB-UE204 5353416 B+B U-Linx USB över Ethernet server 4 port

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