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About Communica Datadistribution AB

The Communica website contains information for our Swedish customers and end-users. For the benefit of our current and would-be suppliers we have english information about the company below.

Communica is a Swedish distributor of primarily mobile computer peripherals, communication products, software and cloud services. Our goal is to provide the top products in each category and also have a high service-level.

Our suppliers include Conel, Cradlepoint, Dovado, Jablocom, Kensington, LOGICnow, MobilePartners, MultiTech, Option, Panorama Antennas, Poynting, Samsonite and Sierra Wireless. Communica supplies the products to about 1500 resellers around Sweden.

The company was founded in 1997 and is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Our address is Torggatan 8, 171 54 Solna, Sweden.

Our phone number is +46-8-4413530.

Communica is a member of VADnet Europe.

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